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Polymath & Boffin (“P&B”), established in 2011, provides business development, risk management and corporate finance services. In 2016, given experience with various client engagements and analysis of the market opportunity, Polymath & Boffin Real Estate Management Solutions (“P&B REMS”) was established to provide services bespoke to the transitioning Italian real estate market. Today the company has developed into a multi-faceted real estate management firm that provides a full line of services to its Italian clients to assist them in generating and maintaining asset value, and income stability.

P&B REMS offers a breadth of real estate services to provide a comprehensive solution for corporate stability and sustained growth. A client engagement might require one or more or all of the services offered as outlined below, with P&B REMS income dependent on the services engagement:

Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring, including negotiation of current liabilities discounting, capital restructuring and acquisition of new capital to provide refinance execution.

Property Business Development

Review of current business model, including organizational structure, property metrics and market activity. Repurposing and/or repositioning the properties for the highest and best use.

Property Improvement

Analysis of potential design and economic impact of planned improvements or developments, concept stress testing and optimization up to final design, contracting of work and work plan management.

Operations, Monitoring & Auditing

Monitoring and auditing of income and cost streams on a periodic basis, based on the operation’s dynamic needs, including management of receivables and current liabilities.

Equity Management

Investment of a property’s excess borrowing capacity towards other real estate under P&B management, to earn appropriate returns within the constraints of lender covenants and the P&B asset management agreement.

The firm works with well-known partners including Avalon, BDO, Baker McKenzie, CBA, FRIMM, Grant Thornton and MPS Fiduciaria. BDO (Malta & Milan) conducts the audit for the firm, including issues related to our client structures and partnership accounting while CBA advises on intra-state EU tax compliance. Baker McKenzie (London & Milan) supports Polymath & Boffin Real Estate Management legal team with expertise in foreclosure and bespoke loan purchases. Avalon provides project management and planning review services. Grant Thornton (Malta) audits the firm’s AML procedures and act as the firm’s calculation agent. MPS Fiduciaria acts as the fiduciary related to the underlying portfolio companies. Finally, FRIMM provides real estate brokerage services and real estate market data.

The firm is comprised of 20 professionals that handle all aspects of the firm activities. At the P&B level, the professionals include the senior management team as well as the main backoffice professionals while the direct P&B REMS employees address real estate specific activities.

Key achievements since inception:




Christopher Vella

Managing Director

Multi-disciplined business professional, with a wealth of international finance, management and commerce experience. Experienced in international finance, real estate, commodity trade, infrastructure investment, print and online media, aviation, manufacturing industry, and technology R&D. Prior to 2011, since founding Polymath & Boffin, Christopher held the position of Project Director SADC for Forbes Investment Inc. amongst other occupations in the investment analytics field.

Avv. Alessandro Santoro

Legal Affairs Director

Expert in legal and tax consultancy in the civil and commercial sector. Alessandro’s professional profile extends to various regions in Italy, as a public defender and civil law expert for individuals and companies. Alessandro holds a number of directorships and honorary representations for private and public entities. Over the past 12 years, he has consulted high profile companies and the governing region of Campania.

Legal Department

Avv. Lidia Di Filippo

Credit Affairs Manager

Expert in the management of litigation in civil, corporate and bankruptcy matters, in particular in the field of contractual and non-contractual liability, and crisis management. Experienced in the application of contract law and related strategy consultancy. The transactions profile handled by Lidia is mostly related to private equity and venture capital transactions, corporate acquisition transactions, mergers and recapitalizations. Lidia’s 13 years legal experience was attributed to her legal counsel roles held with the banks: Banca Popolare di Bari, Banca IFIS, CERVED and private firms: Sereno Orrizonti, FABI and Real Estate Ventures Technology.

Avv. Ivan Zinicola

Credit Affairs Associate

Ivan is an expert in legislation pertaining to real estate investments, management of non performing loans, substandard loans, debt advice, settlement and cancellation, credit securitization. Over the past 4 year, Ivan has practiced in the field of banking law, with a focus to the regulation of mortgage loans.

Avv. Dario Cesarano

Contracting & Litigation Associate

Dario’s professional profile is related to corporate, real estate, succession and family law. Experienced in workout corporate transformation, mergers and spin-off transactions, and in capital markets related transactions. In the real estate, Dario is specialized on urban development law, the transfers of property and related real rights, multi property transactions and multi-party complex construction contracting.

Avv. Pasquale Gargano

Real Estate Development Compliance Associate

Expert in legal compliance in the fields of real estate construction and development works. Pasquale is engaged as the lead consultant for Region of Campania, for the review and drafting of laws on urban, hospitality and agriculture buildings. Other roles that Pasquale contributes his expertise to are: a member of commission that regulates the methods of distribution of energy in urban spaces, president of the commission of tax judgements, and substitute defender of the republic for cases related to urban development brought against the state in the region.

Finance Department

Dott. Michele Beverelli

Accounting Executive

Chartered accountant and auditor with over 30 years experience as an external financial auditor. Michele’s experience is spread over a wide range of industries, and has consulted for the European Commission on the dispersion of public funding. Michele is part of the national regulatory board of auditors in Italy.

Silvia Centis

Accounts Coordinator

Before joining Polymath & Boffin, Silvia Centis acquired her qualification as a Chartered Accountant  and read for a degree in Economics and Business Statistics in Turin. In addition to her qualifications, Silvia has experience in customer service, and her motivation and organisational skills ensure the timely operations of our accounting methods. 

Regulatory and Technical Department

Ing. Donato Coppola

Technical Team Engineer

Graduated in Building Engineering & Architecture at the University of Salerno, he based his training on solid scientific, technical and design basis, a professional figure capable of effectively managing the complexity of architectural projects and their realization, perfectly in line with the emerging demands of environmental quality, energy control and sustainability.

Geom. Gianfranco Sorrentino

Quantity and Regulatory Surveyor

Gianfranco is an expert in the development of topographic surveys, drafting of cadastral documents for land registry, internal space surveys, quantity metric calculations, and preparation of technical dossiers. His 20 years’ experience in the field is composed of roles held in private and public sector, contributing his expertise to drafting of norms and regulations for municipalities, and large private sector projects.

Geom. Luigi Casale

Quantity and Regulatory Surveyor

Luigi coordinates topographic surveys, drafting of cadastral practices, drafting of metric calculations, preparation of technical dossiers. Prior to Polymath & Boffin Luigi held a similar roles for 5 years in similar roles with private practices.

Business Advisory

Martin Bonnici

Technology Executive

Entrepreneur experienced in software development, business process management and capital sourcing within challenging industries, in particular the creative and cultural sector. Holder of multiple WIPO Awards for Creativity and Malta Innovation Awards. In Polymath & Boffin, Martin is responsible for maximising the efficiency of processes and from-scratch development of new in-house and customer-related data management software.

Mehmet Arslan

Systems Engineer

Mehmet Arslan is an experienced systems administrator with a background in Information systems and well verse in Information Technology management. Starting his career as a support specialist Mehmet has gained considerable experience in system development, user education and mantainenance. He furthered his studies by reading for a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems with a focus on Time Series Analysis and the design and implementation of Business forecasting systems.

Dawid Szlachetka

Business Analyst

Analyst with over 4 years of experience in the fields of innovation, valuation and commercialization. Consultant in leading intellectual property consulting companies in Poland. Involved in the realisation of innovative R&D and investment projects, as well as obtaining seed financing and grants from EU programs in the H2020 Framework. Awarded in multiple startup summits around Poland. At Polymath & Boffin Dawid is responsible for conducting business strategy, market research and financial modeling.

Magdalena Dampz

Business Analyst

Magadalena started off her career with a Masters Degree in Sociology and has worked with a number of European Universities as Research Associate. Over the years she gained further training in Theory of Change for Development and Data Science leading to a position as Quality Manager at the University of Lucerne. Magdalena’s work has been published in numerous journals and media publications and she is also a certified interpreter and translator.

Business Development & Customer Relations

Dott. Michele Vicinanza

Distribution Services Manager

Expert in bureaucratic legal procedures and contractual liability. Michele is experience in large scale data management, and team management, with valuable experience in the regulatory affairs in the real estate sector. As distribution manager, Michele is responsible for the verification and validation of information, customer kyc, and coordination of due diligence processes.

Dott.ssa Emiliana Sammarco

Customer Services Associate

Customer Service professional with an excellent track record in improvement in the quality of service offered to customers. With over 10 years experience Emiliana has lead business development and customer service roles for HSBC (UK), Italia Luxury Real Estate, Studio Forum Real Estate other than other firms.

Gabriele Bottacci

Business Development Associate

With a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Rome, Gabriele joins Polymath & Boffin with almost a decade of experience in the fields of financial management and business development. Gabriele has experience in the development, consolidation and diversification of business operations and today, through detailed company analysis identifies solutions for various business clients looking for capital injections.

Dott. Antonio Zona

Real Estate Brokerage Associate

Antonio has over 20 years of experience in the field of real estate brokerage, especially in sales and acquisitions of commercial buildings, property management, real estate assessment, planning and development. Antonio is specialized in residential, corporate and hospitality properties.

Risk Management Committee

Dott. Alessandro Di Filippo

Business & Management Analyst - Health Sector Expert

Experienced in Risk Management, Safety and Environment Management, and managing procurement and tenders processes. Alessandro managed multiple restructuring and improvement processes for health entities in Italy. Over 18 years experience in management, with experience in hospital management with Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato, and  assisted living sector with Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus.

Dott. Antonio Esposito

Expert in Public Funding

With over 35 years of experience in Italian Banking and Financing Services, Antonio is an expert of public and European funding, and is recognised by the Banca di Italia as an official state economic advisor.

Paul Bugeja FIA ACCA

Business & Management Analyst - Hospitality Sector Expert

Mr Paul Bugeja B. Accty. (Hons), Dip. Tax, FIA, AMIT is an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Having acted as CFO for a international hospitality company IHI, and more recently as CEO of the Malta Tourism Authority, Paul Bugeja brings over 20 years of experience in hospitality management as well as audit and assurance, taxation and financial consultancy.

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Polymath & Boffin REMS have always carried out and continue to carry out their duties with correctness and precision and commendable diligence; all these features make them a valuable collaborator.
Polymath & Boffin have never failed to demonstrate their talent, always looking for new challenges, never having fear of exceeding their limits and striving to achieve the goals set by the leading company.


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